Afghan Citizens: Sri Lanka COVID-19 Travel and Immigration Information



Curfew will remain in effect across the island with changes notified at short notice. Once curfew is lifted, we advise all Afghan citizens to travel within the country only if deemed necessary and to wear a mask and gloves when stepping outdoors.

Extension of Visas:

The Department of Immigration and Emigration has extended the validity period of all types of visas issued to foreign nationals who are currently residing in Sri Lanka till June 11, 2020. The visa holders must pay the relevant visa fee and get the visa endorsed in the passport before June 11, 2020. In order to do this, please make an appointment to visit the department of Immigration and Emigration via this link. Please follow this link to view further instruction on visiting the department. Kindly note that all visas which expire between March 07, 2020 - June 11, 2020 will be exempted from paying an overstay penalty. 

- The Department of Immigration and Emigration.

International Travel:

While we understand that there are few to no flights, going to Afghanistan, we strongly encourage Afghan citizens to depart as soon as possible, since you may be forced to remain outside Afghanistan for an indefinite period of time. We urge Afghan citizens to work with your airlines to make travel arrangements to depart when flights become available.

If you intend to travel during the aforementioned period, your journey will be facilitated by paying the relevant visa fee at the airport without a penalty.

Travel to the airport for passengers holding tickets will be permitted. Passengers are required to show their passports and tickets at checkpoints and cab drivers will be allowed to return from the airport if they have a copy of their passenger’s ticket. 

The following hotlines have been established by the Government of Sri Lanka for tourists, who are facing problems scheduling transportation to the airport for departure:

+94 (011) 244-4480

+94 (011) 244-4481

+94 (011) 597-8730

+94 (011) 597-8734

+94 (011) 597-8720

Testing Positive for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka:

In the event Afghan citizens test positive for COVID-19, they may be placed and treated in quarantine in selected local hospitals. Kindly note that the Embassy will not be able visit patients at the hospital or to secure the release of the patient until their complete recovery.

Country Information: 

Sri Lanka currently has 649 COVID-19 patients. 

Please follow this link to view the daily local and global updates from the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health. 

Kindly follow all Sri Lankan Government instructions on curfew and travel, which will be updated at short notice.

Entry and Exit Requirements:


All On-arrival visas have been suspended until further notice.


Since March 17, 2020 all International Airports in the country are closed to arriving International Commercial Passenger Flights until further notice.


Passengers with tickets will be authorized to travel to the airport and pay their relevant visa fee at the airport without a penalty.


Disembarking from ships and small vessels will not be authorized–for both passengers and crew.

For Assistance:

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Colombo-Sri Lanka

Phone: 011 268 3452 / 076 478 1117

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for consular sercices and information. 

Click Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari to contact him for any urgent and emergency assisance.  

Useful Links:

For WHO on Sri Lanka, click here.

For Department of Immigration and Emigration, click here

For Bandaranaiyake International Airport, click here.



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