Ambassador Haidari Delivers Opening Remarks at the 9th SAARC Film Festival and Views Screening of Afghan Films


Colombo: - Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari delivered opening remarks at the 9th SAARC Film Festival on July 3, 2019, and watched together with a huge enthusiastic international audience Afghanistan's first top nominated film: A Letter to the President by Roya Sadat, in which Leen Aalam acts impressively. 

The Ambassador thanks the Afghan Film Director-General SSahraa Karimi for supporting his efforts throughout this weeklong Festival, showing the world that despite the many challenges confronting our beautiful homeland, Afghan artists--much like our athletes--continue making us proud. 

Members of the Jury from Bosnia, Iran, and Philippines were captivated by A Letter to the President, praising the hardwork making it such moving, touching film. Ambassador Haidari is thankful to all Sri Lankans, who watched the film with great interest and came up one by one to express their appreciation of the film, applauding its director and cast.


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