Ambassador Haidari Delivers Remarks on the SAARC Charter Day

Colombo: - Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari addressed an event hosted by the SAARC Women's Association to celebrate the SAARC Charter Day on December 11, 2019. "Women constitute the better half of this region's over 1.8 billion population, without whose empowerment and full participation in the polity, economy, and society, it's hard to imagine how South Asia could ever achieve sustainable peace and socioeconomic development," said Ambassador Haidari.

Hence, he encouraged women leaders to actively shape and formulate domestic, defense and foreign policies to address the common needs of women, girls and children across South Asia, one of the world's richest and yet least connected and developed regions.

Ambassador Haidari welcomed the recent launching of the SAARC Women's Association Kabul Chapter and pledged to fully support its activities to help empower women in Afghanistan. 

Read Ambassador Haidari's article on "Institutionalizing Women's Rights for Afghanistan's Future," which's equally relevant to the rest of South Asia, which he discussed.


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