Ambassador Haidari Presents Autographed Photo of President Ghani to a Sri Lankan Scholar of Afghan Descent


Colombo: - This morning, Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari was happy to present an autographed photo of President Ashraf Haidari to Dr. T. M. Zameer Careem, a Sri Lankan of Afghan descent, who had requested it for adding to his collection of the autographed photos of world leaders.

He takes immense pride in his Afghan ancestral identity and roots. His forefathers hailed from Afghanistan, who, like Kabuliwalas, traveled to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka for trade. Some of them subsequently settled down and locally married.

They used to have an association before 1940s which no longer exists. Dr. Careem has extensively written about "the forgotten Afghans of Sri Lanka." Here is one of his recent works, shedding light on the depth and still growing ties between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.


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