"Cultural Cooperation Can Reduce Interstate Tensions in South Asia," Ambassador Haidari Tells SAARC Cultural Center Director

Colombo: - Director of SAARC Cultural Center Professor Prashanthi Narangoda called on Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari on September 29, 2020, briefing him on the activities of the Center and its Action Plan for 2021. They discussed the many civilizational, cultural, and linguistic ties that bind together the South Asian nations.

Ambassador Haidari recalled his early conversation with Ambassador Weerakoon, the Secretary-General of SAARC, on the effective use of cultural cooperation among the member-states, further enhancing people-to-people ties in the region that would
inevitably help reduce interstate tensions.

"Afghanistan is an active member-state of SAARC, working with all like-minded member-states to operationalize the vision and mission of SAARC, including cultural cooperation and exchange," said Ambassador Haidari.

Afghanistan currently holds the chairmanship of the SAARC Cultural Center Governing Council, and has used this position to implement human resources reforms, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Center to execute with maximum impact its mandate.


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