Historic MOU Signed by Afghanistan and Sri Lanka Think Tanks on Knowledge Exchange and Research Cooperation


Colombo: - In an ongoing effort to further deepen people-to-people ties between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari has promoted the formation of lasting and fruitful relations between the civil society organizations of the two countries. In this light, Ambassador Haidari facilitated, hosted and witnessed the virtual signing ceremony of a historic MOU between the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) as the two leading policy and research think-tanks of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Before the signing of the MOU between the representatives of AISS and RCSS, Ambassador Haidari delivered brief remarks, which elaborate on the importance of the MOU, advancing knowledge exchange and research cooperation on issues of shared interest and concern in regional and global contexts with implications for Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Read full remarks by Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari below:


Distinguished Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning and Ayubowan!

We at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Colombo are very delighted to host and witness the signing of a Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two leading think-tanks of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, namely: the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) represented by its Deputy Director Ms. Samira Sameem and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) based in Colombo and represented by its Executive Director Professor Gamini Keerawella.

The signing of the MOU follows my hard efforts over the few past months to further deepen ties between the civil societies of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka as two democracies with common democratic values and many shared and converging interests in the social, political, defense and strategic, economic, and cultural spheres.

I am glad to note that under the MOU, our two eminent think-tanks will:

  • Carry out research and written analysis;
  • Foster dialogue among scholars, experts, and policymakers;
  • Disseminate research and analysis, including mutual re-publication in electronic and hard copy;
  • Organize workshop, symposia, seminars, and similar events; and
  • Mutually share knowledge and expertise.

And because our shared peace, security, and stability very much depend on sustainable development in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the rest of our resourceful region, I am confident that the Afghan Institute of Strategic Studies and the Regional Center for Strategic Studies will promote regional economic cooperation through greater trade and commercial ties between our two countries, as well as across the region.

In this light, I am pleased to note the recent signing of a Cooperation MOU between the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), which I facilitated and, like today, witnessed its virtual signing ceremony.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Davood Moradian, the Founder and Director-General of AISS, for responding positively when we reached out to him for building think-tank to think-tank ties between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as we are waiting to hear back from others in the future.

With this, I wish both sides the very best, as I am confident that our two countries’ eminent scholars and academics at the AISS and RCSS will strive to build and maintain long-lasting ties to realize the key objectives of the MOU.

Thank you!


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Last modified on Thursday, 08/10/2020

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