In Just Security article, Ambassador Haidari Calls on the World to Protect Afghan Refugees Fleeing the Taliban's Oppression


Colombo: - Ambassador M. Ashraf Haidari publishes a timely article in the Just Security on why "The World Should Protect Afghan Refugees Fleeing the Taliban's Oppresion." Almost 7 million Afghans have been driven out of their homes and Afghanistan by the interconnected challenges of imposed conflicts, ongoing violence, and growing poverty. He writes that "This is a lingering legacy of the 43-year wars that confronts the country where external aggression from its predatory neighborhood has resulted in non-stop violence and oppressive rule by the Taliban. Since August 2021 when they captured Kabul, the Taliban have continued to displace Afghans at home and drive others out of their beautiful homeland into far-flung places in search of protection and basic human security." 


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