Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Sri Lanka!

Strengthening and deepening Afghanistan’s bilateral relations with our immediate and near neighbors has underpinned one of Afghanistan’s core foreign policy objectives. Located at the heart of Asia, Afghanistan has long shared deep cultural and civilizational ties with the countries of South Asia, including Sri Lanka. Besides these ancient ties, modern globalization of security challenges and development opportunities has further provided an impetus for the countries of South Asia to initiate and maintain results-driven, enduring cooperative partnerships in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

In this light, Afghanistan elevated our previous non-resident representation to full and direct diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka, opening an Embassy in Colombo in 2013. As Afghanistan strives to stabilize and achieve economic self-reliance, we look for relevant lessons to be learned in our broader neighborhood. In 2009, Sri Lanka put behind a long, destructive conflict that cost the country much in sustainable development. Thanks to the country’s visionary leaders, Sri Lanka has fast recovered, building on its unmatched social development indicators in the region to achieve the status of a peaceful, middle-income country.

During my time in Sri Lanka, we look forward to learning relevant lessons for Afghanistan from Sri Lanka’s successful war-to-peace transition. In doing so, our Embassy team and I will engage simultaneously in traditional, economic-commercial, public-cultural diplomacy to build and further deepen our multifaceted relationship with the friendly Government and people of Sri Lanka. Bringing Afghans and Sri Lankans together through business and investment, higher education and capacity building, security and defense cooperation, as well as tourism tops my list of priorities. To achieve this shared Afghan-Sri Lankan goal, I look forward to receiving regular feedback, constructive ideas, and recommendations from all visitors to this website.

Our website alongside the Embassy’s social media pages is frequently updated both to provide you with helpful information on Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and to facilitate the services we provide at the Embassy.

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